Sunday, 25 April 2010

Spring continues

Serious sunshine for ages now. We have hired a gardener - for the flower garden. I have been known to call it the walled garden in moments of grandiosity, but it's not a walled garden, even though it is surrounded by a wall. He has basically given us 2 new beds so far just by clearing out all the undergrowth that had grown up, so we celebrated by buying a load of plants and trying to start a herbaceous border. Well, bed. The world's shortest herbaceous border. I like nice packed flower beds where you can't see the earth. That means that I even forgive ground elder (nice leaves) - though not couch grass.

I have also planted peas, beans, lettuce, kale, chard AND cleaned out the water butt. So ner ner ner.

I also let the children stay in their pyjamas all day today. I am a BAD MOTHER.

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