Saturday, 27 November 2010

Less than a month until Christmas - what does Tove Jansson have to teach us?

"Is it spring already?" murmured Moomin.

"Spring?" exclaimed Hemulen irritably. "It's Christmas, don't you know? - Christmas. And I haven't got anything, and nothing's arranged; and then in the middle of it all, they send me to dig you out. I've lost my yellow gloves, I expect, and everyone's running around in circles, and nothing's ready..."

And Hemulen stamped up the stairs again and climbed out of the attic skylight.

"Mamma! Wake up" called Moomin, frightened. "Something awful's happened. They call it Christmas."

"What do you mean?" said Moominmamma and put out her nose.

"I don't know really," said her son. "But nothing's arranged, and someone's lost and everyone's running around in circles. Perhaps it's the water rising again."

He shook the Snorkmaiden gently and whispered:

"Don't be frightened, but something awful's happened."

"Calm!" said Moominpappa. "Calm above all!"

Monday, 15 November 2010

Back at the blog

Have been away for such a long time. So much has happened - Halloween, our Tour of the North, casting for the school Christmas play (  I  have one alien with lines and one dancing robot in the family), BT discovering Harry Potter...

My parents are having a clear out, so every time I go over there I am presented with stuff to take away. Some of it is exciting to get. Like this:

and this
Blast those katzenjammer kids

and this as well

What would Ma do?

So great to get them - all books that I loved.