Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer slipping away

A week today the kids will be back at school. It's nearly autumn.

We lifted the potatoes last night (BT barefoot in the potato patch, like a little 18th century peasant boy). Lots of potatoes, including a whole bucket full of pink firs. We also have marrows (never go on holiday when you have a vegetable patch), still some runner beans, apples, plums, plums, plums, some very battered, tattered looking red cabbages, and an enormous sunflower that still hasn't flowered.

There are some good looking pumpkins. The one BT planted from the storecupboard has produced fruit, so that's exciting.

We picked our first lot of blackberries this week.

Suddenly in a tizzy because we have no empty jars. How can that be? I want to pickle some plums this weekend.

We went away to Denmark, but had to retreat to Germany. We ended up doing a very unexpected trip down the Grimm brothers' fairy tale route. Beautiful medieval towns, saw the Pied Piper and Rapunzel's tower. And some camels. Unfortunately we forgot to take a camera, so all is recorded on Rainbow's DSi. She was the official holiday photographer. That means we have lots and lots of pictures of rabbits.

Still we all had a good time. Most of the time. It did feel as if every time we put the tent up the rain started and every time we took it down the rain stopped and the sun came out. And one day we seemed to eat nothing but cake. By accident.


  1. Your holiday sounds magical and I look forward to seeing you and the many photo's of rabbits. L x

  2. And I just spotted that you had read 'The Lacuna.' Was it any good?

  3. Oh it was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. YM is reading it now and really enjoying it, and he never reads ANYTHING.