Monday, 7 March 2011

The moon is a liar

A tiny sliver of moon in the sky tonight, almost flat on its back. On our honeymoon a lovely Italian lady told us "In Italy we say the moon is a liar. When he say crescendo he is diminuendo. When he say diminuendo he is crescendo".

Had a mad weekend in Dublin, came back Sunday morning and had a roast dinner in the pub. The kids went down to one of the neighbours, YM wallowed in Liverpool beating Man U,  and I had an hour of weeding. There's sorrel up in the vegetable patch, the first signs of mint, and I have things to plant. Had some sorrel in my cheese sandwich this lunchtime. Am feeling excited about spring.

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  1. I remember using the French words premiere and derniere - the curve of the 'p' for first or new and the curve of the 'd' for last or old.