Saturday, 29 May 2010

End of May

So long since i was on here - can't believe it. The blossom came and went. We went to a lovely wedding last weekend - glorious sunshine and loads of kids running in and out of the place. The bride was 2nd generation Polish and the bridesmaids wore traditional Polish outfits. We spent an hour under the big apple tree gathering fallen petals in the morning and used them as confetti. Apple blossom smells almost like roses. I think they are related...

By the following week, the blossom was over.

I have put in some very leggy cauliflower seedlings that my dad rescued for me. Not sure how they'll do. Have some broccoli seedlings and some little red cabbage plants (also a rescue job) to put in. BT planted some seeds from the store cupboard, so I have a pumpkin plant and 2 sunflowers to put our, and Rainbow brought a huge bean plant home from school. In fact, even if we clear the last square metre of plot, I think we may need an extension.

There will be strawberries soon, and the quince has blossomed. Very pretty, pale pink blossom. Will have to take the fruit off this year, but next year...

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