Monday, 12 July 2010

The courgettes have exploded

Not literally, of course. But you go away for one weekend at this time of year and come back to courgette madness.

And lettuce and peas and beans and chard and potatoes. We just have to eat many many vegetables. It is our duty.

Went up north for the weekend. I am never driving on the M6 again. Very stressful. Went through Halifax with BT in the back saying "This is like London". We must get out of Devon more often.

Went to an excellent party - like a mini, mini Glastonbury with cocktails - and stayed with my friend Jane, who I haven't had chance to see properly for literally years, and her husband Andy and 2 beautiful daughters and very sweet dog. Rainbow delighted to get the chance to take a dog for a walk.

Very strange to be up where we used to live. It seems such a very long time ago. Drove through Bradford on the way home (M1, M42 - so much better), and I found it hard to believe that I used to work there, and drive there and shop there...I'm a born again bumpkin.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this tomorrow night.I fel like a proper country bumpkin now. Are you coming on Friday night? I hope you are, come on you know it will be fun. And thank you for your supportive comment. I have been thinking of locking my blog for a long time now and I think this may have just pushed me toward that action a a little more.
    Love Laura x

  2. It's such a shame. I like the thought that a like-minded soul will stumble across my witterings and we will strike up a friendship across the ether, but I don't want people being mean.

    Never mind, darling. Polish up your tiara and remember how much we all enjoy your meanderings.

  3. Tomorrow night??? Am I supposed to be somewhere tomorrow night? Now I am panicking.