Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lots of good things

  1. YM's dad had his operation on Tuesday and is doing really well. They think they got everything, which is really good news. YM is flying over early tomorrow and coming home late Sunday. It feels like he's hardly back - which he isn't. Not great for us, obviously, but really hard for him. Still, at least he's going over to a good news situation.
  2. We have mushrooms growing in the field (obviously a whole different scale of good things, compared with no 1, but, hey, grab your joy where you can)
  3. Just booked our ferry
  4. Made some chocolate courgette buns that are absolutely fantastic - from here 101 cookbooks - it's American so it's all in cups - slightly weird - a cup of butter?!? - but really luscious, delicious, chocolatey yumminess. Oh, and she calls them zucchinis (I always feel that should refer to something slightly more exotic).  And slightly magical. Where do the courgettes go? It's not like carrot cake that keeps that slightly bitty texture. 
Went through Rainbow's Special Book of the work she has done this year. I note she is a very enthusiastic user of brackets. Could it be genetic?


  1. Yes I've been struggling with cups of recalcitrant ingredients. I blame exposure to American blogs although I have to say I have enjoyed the Tassajara bread book results very much. They use milk powder in their recipes, which does at least co-operate with the cup measuring.

  2. I always feel I should be dipping into vast jars of stuff that I have stored against a prairie winter...