Monday, 15 February 2010

Master craftsman

Watched mastercraftsman the other night. Did anybody see it? They were bodging, which doesn't sound very mastercraftish, but it was.

I'm not usually that into reality tv manufactured competitions, but this ticked a lot of boxes for me:

1 Monty Don. Tick
2 More specifically, Monty Don's trousers, which look to me like navy blue moleskin. I wish more men would dress like Victorian gardeners. Tick.
3 Interesting pre-industrial mechanical devices - totally off-grid. Tick.
4 Really nice canvas shelters that I must see if I can find a blueprint for as I would really like one in my garden. Tick.

So I cheered Charlie when he decided that doing the craft was more important than winning the "competition". I cheered Sarah when she challenged herself and managed to create a rather adorable little child's chair. I wanted that chair. And I cheered the other guy, who I can't remember the name of, but who quietly and methodically went about creating a very nice chair indeed.

Thatching next. Can't wait.

And then at the end of it, we were talking about the urge to create, to connect with raw materials, and how important that is, and how frustrating it is sometimes to do a job with no real beginning or end, and I said "That's why I make marmalade" and YM said "And you make the best marmalade I've ever tasted". How wonderful is he?

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  1. See I want some of that marmalade even more now. L x