Friday, 12 February 2010

pastoral pleasures

1 Saw my first daffodils - down at Landcross. They are always early there, must be an early variety. Anyhow, nice to see them, like a splash of sunlight, a real promise of spring.

2 Got home to a message on the answerphone from my dad saying that he was clearing out his raspberry patch and had saved us some canes. That does mean that we need to get on with our soft fruit garden. I want redcurrants and blackcurrants, lots and lots of raspberries, gooseberries - we adore gooseberries - and of course masses and masses of strawberries. I planted little alpine strawberries in various borders last summer. I'm hoping they will spread and spread. They fruit for ages, and it's like a treasure hunt every day for the children, and for me, and for the birds. And the slugs. Though I am hopeful there will be fewer of those this summer after the cold weather.

3 Went out of the house to a treeful of starlings, all chattering away. They lifted off in a great whirling, flickering cloud of birds and went wheeling over the trees and away.

Yer Man went down to the big barn to chop wood and said the owl was circling around outside waiting for him to go. It is nice to think that we haven't scared it off - it seems to be finding us increasingly boring!


  1. Your garden plans sound wonderful. I do like your header, it's like a huge eye. I shall explore the rest of your blog list today. Thank you for visiting me.

  2. And how extraordinary your word verification was 'redings' and this winter our garden and the park where I run have been full of 'redwings'. One of the cheerier things about this endless season.

  3. Hey Sarah, how are you? thanks so much for your lovely comments this week. They made me laugh and smile and feel all warm inside. I'm definitely feeling less frumpy now and what a glorious day it was, so hot and so blue. Just wonderful. Glad to see your owl is hanging around. And yoyr berries sound divine. Laura x
    p.s bit nervous about book club as not sure about how everyone has responded to the book. Actually looking forward to finding out. Love book club, I'd have it every week if I could, but then I think that once a month is perfect as I get to really savour it.