Monday, 8 February 2010

Weird pleasures (well, not that weird, don't get too excited, but weird for me)

Read on the lego website that children across the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with lego. Reckon Bloodtester contributes a significant number of those. It didn't mention how much time adults spend looking for lost bits, trying to make impossible structures work, and nagging their children to PUT THE LEGO AWAY AND GET THEIR SHOES ON BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE.

Had a slightly frustrating day at work. Nobody wants to play ball. I seriously feel like I am juggling one ball too many. Still, next week I am taking the TRAIN to SUSSEX with my CHILDREN on MY OWN. 3 changes. Should be an adventure. The big challenge will be to keep the children to minimal packing. They are both natural maximalists.

1 Saw my first lambs of the year. Sooty little legs, grey fleeces - much greyer than their mothers. Is that a camouflage thing?
2 My freezer book is going really well. Sorry, that is so boring, but it is really satisfying to me. I think part of it is that I am really enjoying keeping one part of my life under strict control.
3 We sorted out the lego yesterday. More control. We sorted it by colour - I suppose we could have tried sorting it by shape, but there are so many odd shapes - it started because I was looking for one particular brick for BT's Hyena Droid Bomber (you wait, Cloudgirl - one day your beautiful house will be filled with bits of geometric Danish plastic) - and kind of carried on. There is a satisfaction in having different containers filled with different coloured bricks. It's a bit like a Mondrian in a box. Made of geometric Danish plastic...Now I want better containers to sort it into.

What a bizarre set of pleasures. I'm quite surprised at myself.

What else have we done? Rugby has featured largely over the weekend. We had a Ladybird day yesterday - BT wasn't feeling well, so lolled on the sofa with his dad while Rainbow and me made biscuits. At least, she made biscuits, with really minimal intervention from me, bless her, and I made a crumble topping. I found some very old damsons at the bottom of the freezer when I sorted it out, so they came out. They were fantastic. Damsons have incredible depth of flavour and colour.

And the quince tree arrived, so I planted that out. It doesn't look terribly healthy. I'm a bit worried it's not going to make it.

I would really like to sort out a soft fruit garden this year. I think we'll have to have it in the enclosed garden  - if it's in the field the deer will have it. Or we'll have to cage it properly.

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