Sunday, 21 February 2010

Return from the expedition

Got back yesterday from 5 days in Sussex, with sister-in-law I. We went by train - the drive to Sussex must be one of the longest cross-country drives you can do without falling off the edge of England, one of us is always sick, and the A303 is dug up at the moment. The train was quicker, despite the fact that we had 4 changes, the children behaved really well, and it made it all into a bit of an adventure. We also saw SiL II and the littlest cousins - 2 little dark eyed boys, the youngest just one, and the oldest a 3 year old toddler, with those lovely chubby hands and cheeks that toddlers have. I got some nice pictures of them all just rolling around like puppies.

Had a very nice meal on Friday night in SiL I's local pub. Rainbow opted for the beef Wellington. She is such a gourmet. I discovered on this trip that she is pretty good at reading a map. We managed to get extremely lost (only myself to blame on that one), and she managed to direct us back on track.

BT fell asleep on my lap in the pub. Felt like such a slummy mummy.

BT has been poorly today. He has a temperature and has been sick, and spent most of the day asleep on the sofa. Poor little man. He looks like a Dickensian orphan when he gets ill.

1 BT getting to chat to 3 adult Star Wars fans, wide-eyed. One of them had a ring tone that went "A message from the dark side there is". BT says he would like a t-shirt, all green, with "Much to learn you still have" on it. Must do an trawl and see if such an item exists. His replacement lego light sabres came through - the pick a brick service, marvellous.

2 Rainbow was so delighted with herself over the map reading. She dragged her suitcase everywhere, was really helpful.

3 We had a day at Fisher's Farm - a Milky Way/Big Sheep kind of place, with the added attraction of a mini ice rink, and a fab toboggan run (tractor tyre inner tubes on a mini dry ski slope sort of thing). The kids loved the ice rink - we had to go there twice. They went round together a couple of times, really helping each other. It is always so lovely to see them being kind to each other.

It's nice to be back in Devon, though. I was itching to do some digging this afternoon, but BT wanted me to hang around, and it's hard to resist a poorly boy. He's wide awake now, of course.

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  1. What a great adventure you guys had. I'm very impressed with Rainbow girl's map reading skills and I hope BT gets better soon. Sussex is a long drive, always takes us forever. Lx