Monday, 21 June 2010

Elderflower cordial

The elderflowers are rather late this year, and seem to be going over really quickly. I have just made a batch of cordial. This is the recipe I use. I can't remember where I got it from, so if you recognise it, apologies. Though I think they are all fairly standard. The first year I made it I did it to a Hugh FW recipe. He didn't mention leaving it to stand for 24 hours, which I think is necessary, or you just get lemon.

20 heads of elderflowers (try and avoid ones with brown flowers - apparantly they will give it an aura of cat's pee)
1.8 kg granulated or caster sugar
1.2 l water
2 unwaxed lemons (not that you can get unwaxed lemons in Torrington on a Sunday)
75 g citric acid (get it from the chemist. Be warned, you may be quizzed about what you want it for. A friend of mine was refused it because he looked too dodgy. Our local chemist only does it in 50g packets so this year I shoved in an extra lemon)

  1. Shake elderflowers to remove insects. Place in a large bowl
  2. Put sugar and water in a pan and bring to the boil. Stir until sugar is dissolved. This is a scary amount of sugar. 
  3. Meanwhile pare off the lemon rind in wide strips, slice the lemon and put it all in the bowl with the elderflowers
  4. Pour over the boiling syrup and add the citric acid
  5. Cover with a cloth and leave at room temp for 24 hours
  6. Strain and bottle in thoroughly cleaned bottles I made 3 wine bottles full with this recipe - I save the screwtop wine bottles for occasions like this. I strain through a teatowel in a colander.
  7. Feel smug.

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  1. This is the recipe I use too. It might have been Sophie Grigson's once. I was refused two packets of citric acid in Sainsbury's. I had no idea why! I had to resort to underhand tactics to get the required amount and now I hoard it.