Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First potatoes

First potatoes, first courgettes (fried with a bit of garlic). Made borek, with the help of a hot cross BT - much appreciated by all - so now I have to make more. Bottled up the last batch of elderflower cordial. Did a batch with lemon juice instead of citric acid - will have to see how it holds up. Tastes good.

Put some slightly desperate looking tomatoes into the vegetable patch. Last year, and the year before, the outdoor tomatoes did precisely nothing, but they were 15p each for big plants (desperate to be repotted), so I have invested a grand total of £1.20. Worth a go, I reckon.

Aaron came over and took down our dying holly bush. It was looking really tatty so I can't say I miss it, and there seems to be significantly more light in the living room, which is good.

Rainbow came home from Brownies talking about Tink. It's so unfair.

Must plant more carrots.

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