Friday, 11 June 2010

Put in the last of the beans and potted up the last of the tomatoes. I do need some bigger pots.

I am not a very organised gardener. We have 4 rows of potatoes, and I have no idea what sort, except that somewhere in there there are some pink firs.

I did a tour of the field this evening. We have very few pears, loads of apples, loads of plums on a couple of trees, and none at all on a couple, damson, chrislings (not even sure what they are, but looking forward to finding it out). I took the last baby fruit off the quince.

I am wondering whether we should record our yields off each tree. It would be an interesting record to keep.

1 comment:

  1. Pink firs?!
    I like that name, I have a vision of you hunting out pink furry potatoes now. L x