Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I think this was the best ever Christmas. Everything just fell into place perfectly.

The children were great, and it is so great having time off with them, no pressure, jarmies all morning...we had all that lovely ice just before the big day - I had time to make a wreath - the dinner was lovely - Yer Man's brother came over from Dublin, which was lovely - we had my parents over for the day, played silly board game on Boxing Day, ate too much, drank just the right amount, generally kicked back.

The kids made an advent calender for each other this year (last year's Xmas cards - we are so green), and really enjoyed that. They got to be looked after by my friend's daughter for a couple of days at the start of the holidays - a bit of slacker time, a bit of creative time, BT got to watch "The empire strikes back" 3 times in a row...

He got heaps of lego and was delighted. She had asked for a surpise, got a DS and was delighted. YM got subbuteo and was delighted. I got a mulberry tree, and our neighbour is giving us a quince tree...so excited.

And now the hordes are starting to gather for New Year.


  1. I think we had a perfect lovely Christmas too. The children are at such a great age, didn't want it to end. Glad you had a wonderful time too. What agreat idea to reuse the last year's Christmas cards, will save ours for next year. Love Laura x

  2. To add a third (and we're talking in 3's), we had a lovely Christmas too.
    Just the 4 of us, a perfect day that flowed from one event to the next seamlessly. Starting with heavy stockings emptied out onto the bed, then croissants and apricot jam, a beach visit with chocolate coins to pop open (and sunshine at last), presents to unwrap and perfect perfume to spray (I have found 'my' scent at last) and an effortless lunch. Ending with a warm huddle watching the Gruffalo and then Mummy time for Dr Who. Blissful.
    Sarah, I have read your lovely blogs and am inspired to start my own....

  3. So what is your scent?

    We have never quite managed the perfect stocking moment. It was a lovely, lovely Christmas, though.

  4. Armani 'Code'.
    It's delicious.
    The nice thing is that I discovered it at the book club a year ago. When I came downstairs into the front room the following morning there was this woody, flowery scent hanging in the air. I smelt all the cushions and worked out who it was - Lin! Since then I have been spraying it everytime I have been past Banburys and now, I have my very own bottle - a year later.
    It sort of melts around me and I haven't felt like that about a perfume before. And when I had babies I stopped wearing perfume, so I guess it's all part of discovering myself again.