Friday, 11 December 2009


We are really eating and appreciating our quince jam at the moment. Last year our neighbour, Mary, gave us a couple of jars of quince jam and we loved it - me and Bloodtester, anyway. So this year I was really excited to see some for sale in the local greengrocer, and ended up buying loads. I made quince jam, quince jelly and murmillo. It's quite hard on the hands - the juice is quite astringent, and the fruits are really hard, so it was a serious labour of love.

It is just gorgeous. A slightly pinky amber colour, and the flavour is fantastic. It just pulls water into your mouth. So hard to describe flavours - it's very fruity, not a tropical fruit, but a much fuller flavour than a pear or an apple.

So I have to have a quince tree.

And it is so nice to have a larder full of jars of good things to eat.

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