Sunday, 13 December 2009

A very Christmassy day

Yer Man went off for a bike ride with Charlotte's other half this morning, so we did a whirlwind of local Christmas events - a Christmas tree festival at St Giles in the Wood - lots of lovely trees - and then to Rosemoor to see a green robed Santa arrive in state. We ended up queuing for his grotto, which was a charming and amazingly non-commercial event. Then on to Shebbear, where the local pony club were having a Christmas meeting - lots of little girls in santa hats and ponys with antlers - and a really nice lunch.

So many beautiful things.

1 The scent of something winter flowering that I can't name, hitting me as I turned a corner on a path in Rosemoor

2 Getting a Yorkshire pudding with my roast pork. I do love Yorkshire pudding, but I'm not mad keen on beef. I sometimes have it just so I can have a Yorkshire, so to get one with a different meat is a real treat.

3 Two very nice older ladies chatting to the kids about the whole Santa thing, and all the children being so polite and sweet.

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