Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Chilling at Yarde cafe

Here are the kids at the Yarde cafe a few weeks ago. Our favourite place to eat locally. The only problem is the portions are too big, so I very rarely get to eat cake there. They have a bunk house, too, with a great wood burner in it. One day I will work out a way of justifying staying there. You can find it here: www.yarde-orchard.co.uk

We missed the wassail this year because we were at a party (typical, isn't it, you have zero social life for weeks and then everything happens at once). Charlie, who cooks at the Yarde, came up to school with her very new and very gorgeous looking daughter yesterday, so this is in tribute to her...

1 I bought myself a new bowl for work. It's a really nice shape, and now I can eat soup.
2 I found a copy of a Willow farm book in Oxfam. I knew Rainbow would really like it and I got to give to a good cause at the same time!
3 Lucy gave me a thank you card, really thoughtfully written, made me feel really appreciated.

Still working on my optimism. It is being sorely tested at work, but I keep picking myself up, dusting off my shiny gold hope badge and pinning it back on.

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