Sunday, 10 January 2010

more snow

Woke to snow. We weren't expecting it 'til lunchtime, but there it was. It kept going all morning and even when we went for a walk in the afternoon it was still sprinkling. Tinker came for a walk with us, unexpectedly. Part cat, part dog, part parrot (he likes sitting on your shoulder). He seems to be enjoying the snow.

We sledged on the lane outside the house, or at least the kids did. Not too far and not too fast, so perfect for them. The snow wasn't really deep enough for us to have a go, but YM walked over to the sledging field later on while the rest of us hung out at home and made dinner.  Then we walked, saw icicles along the gutter of the old barn across the road, and Rainbow saw a barn owl. We had watched a fox nosing along the hedge from our bedroom window this morning, and on the walk we saw plenty of pawprints and a stained patch in the snow, and a few feathers, where he must have made a kill.

I still haven't got my car out and am not sure when I am ever going to.

1 Black cat, white snow
2 Chopped wood this morning, and it's immensely satisfying when you bring the axe down and the wood splits cleanly and somehow suddenly
3 Bloodtester watched Ivanhoe this afternoon, and I was mooching around, kept hearing his little voice "come on goodies, get the baddies" - so excited and so into it all.

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