Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The end of the snow (I think)

1 Somebody had made Real Coffee at work and left a note on it saying "help yourself". So I did.
2 Finally found some waterproof mittens that fit the kids!!! Why is it so hard to find waterproof gloves for children? I can spend at least 20 minutes outdoors without feeling the urge to throw a snowball. BT can manage about 20 secs.
3 Walked home from the top of the lane. Saw loads of deer tracks and bird tracks. Nice to know they're out there.

But despite the predicted heavy snow it's not settling and it all seems to be melting away! There are very few things more beautiful than fresh snow and very few things less attractive than snow as it goes.

When the screensaver comes into play our photos flash up randomly. If you watched them flick round, you would think it snowed here for about 3 months every year. At work today Mark showed me some photos he'd taken of snow on their local beach, snow right down to the high water mark.

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