Monday, 11 January 2010

The cold snap continues

We walked out today. Well, almost half way and then our neighbour with a landrover gave us a lift to the end of the lane. We look a bit rag tag - a mixture of waterproof trousers and fleecies and BT in odd gloves. I was wearing leather gardening gloves (once a fetching shade of purple) over running gloves. Got the kids to school, though.

Came back and were dropped off at the end of the  lane. Got as far as neighbour 1 and he ran us back  in his landie. The children sat in the back, delighted. Mind, he was sliding around a bit when he turned round at our place.

The cat continues to hone his hunting skills on our legs and heads. A bit hyper tonight. Maybe he missed us, and missed being outdoors today. The cat flap broke yesterday. A mixture of old age and cold, I think. Must get a new one. We've had to block it up, as part of our attempts to keep the house warm.

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