Saturday, 30 January 2010


This is to acknowledge my friend Siobhan. She started out as an architect, then switched to acting, and now she's a performance poet and writer. I don't think it's always been an easy journey for her, but she's now in a place where she can make her way through her own creativity and through helping others explore theirs. I really respect her for that.

I should also mention that she has 2 teenagers, a husband who we all adore, but must be exhausting to live with, 2 cats and, despite her dog phobia, has recently taken on a dog - and is managing it really well. So she has plenty to be getting on with. She's the kind of woman who can tell you she fancies a quiet night, and yet will host a roomful of almost strangers at 2.00 am with charm and aplomb. She is a great friend to  have.

So 3BT about Siobhan.

1 I laugh a lot when I'm with her
2 I talk a lot when I'm with her and feel like I'm interesting.
3 Siobhan's kitchen is the most welcoming kitchen in the world. It feels like the rest of the house is a bit of a tacked on afterthought. She designed it herself, so fair dues.

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