Friday, 8 January 2010

Still snowy...

Tried to take the car out today. Got stuck. Our neighbour, Mike, happened to be coming along in his tractor, and pulled me down the hill. Headed back up our hill, got stuck again, Mike pulled me out again. It's actually quite scary being towed backwards, which is what happened both times. Luckily our new neighbour's daughter was walking through with a sled load of provisions the first time I got stuck, so she took the kids back to their place (to eat biscuits and learn to play rummikub) while we faffed about with tow ropes. They were both flitting around getting in the way and I thought I'd be worrying about what they were doing and failing to concentrate on what I should be doing.

We have spent a lot of time drinking tea and chatting with various neighbours over the last few days. Our neighbours who farm have offered us emergency milk if the worst comes to it. Am desperate to run out so we can trek over there with a jug, but we are just too organised. I know it will finish in a few days, but also am enjoying the glow of knowing we could hold out for far longer, if we had to.

YM has been walking the mile out along the lane and then driving to work, but I have been stuck here since Tuesday. It has been lovely!

In the field today the whole surface of the snow was covered in little spicules of ice, like ice feathers. It glittered and sparkled. And tonight we stood outside the front door in the dark and I showed the children where Orion was. You get such a deep silence when it snows, and the moonlight on the snow was beautiful.


  1. It sounds lovely where you are - isn't snow fantastic for bringing people together.
    We went to the burrows today and there is so much thick ice. There were flocks of fieldfare and golden plover in the dunes and I flew down some hillocks on a friend's bodyboard and felt wild!
    And everyone seems to be buying tins of baked beans!!

  2. Oh no - I forgot to get baked beans!